Teach Like a Champion (Systems and Routines): 1-day Workshop

When:  Mar 26, 2024 from 08:30 to 16:00 (ET)

ACEL is proud to support teachers and leaders with a Teach Like a Champion: Systems and Routines: 1-day Workshop. Former teacher, principal and charter-school founder Doug Lemov authored Teach Like a Champion after observing teachers getting exceptional results. He realised by naming and describing successful teacher techniques, coupled with short, focused video clips of the techniques in action, the practices could be easily shared with others.

This program, Teach Like a Champion: Systems and Routines, focuses on the techniques that champion teachers use to design, install and maintain systems and routines that students do automatically and with little-to-no teacher prompting, such as ‘strong start’, ‘cold call’ and ‘exit tickets’ or techniques for participating in a discussion. Upon completing this program, you will be equipped to return to your school and implement Teach Like a Champion in your classroom and have the materials to train others in the techniques from Teach Like a Champion: Systems and Routines.



Teach Like a Champion - Systems and Routines Plug n Play Licence Cost
Each school that has not already purchased the Teach Like a Champion Systems and Routines Plug n Play licence will need to order this under "Additional Items" at the cost of $750 + GST (invoiced separately by  PWRD Leadership), on top of the registration cost. This will be invoiced to the assigned participant for the school (each school only requires 1 licence for multiple participants). Please note that schools will require this licence in order for staff to participate in this workshop.  Schools who already have this licence are not required to purchase it again.


Teach Like a Champion: Systems and Routines will broaden your understanding and enable you to:

 - Develop an understanding of the Teach Like a Champion techniques needed to build strong Systems and Routines - Create a vision for rolling out the academic, behavioural, and cultural Systems that drive student engagement and achievement across classrooms
- Build an understanding of how to develop a framework and effectively rollout Systems and Routines
- Practise activities that will strengthen your capacity to apply effective Systems and Routines techniques in your classroom to create strong classroom cultures
- Plan how you will implement these techniques in your classroom, team and school

Designed for teachers and leaders, Teach like a Champion: Systems and Routines will provide teachers and leaders with:

 - Resources and support to develop a classroom, team and school plan for implementation of the Teach Like a Champion techniques
 - The skills and materials to embed the Teach Like a Champion techniques in your classroom, team and school

All educators in schools, from Teachers through to Principals. The program prepares teachers, leaders and school leadership teams to deliver Teach Like a Champion: Systems and Routines training in their school context 

Christopher Thomas has more than 30 years’ experience in the education sector, with an outstanding reputation throughout Australia as a Principal, Coach, Presenter and Thought Leader. A respected and experienced educator, Christopher has served as a teacher and Principal who received various Leadership awards. He was the Director of Programs at the Queensland Education Leadership Institute (QELi) where he led the research, design and facilitation of numerous leadership programs and now is the Director of his own business PWRD Leadership.

As a leadership and school improvement presenter, Christopher has supported many educators throughout Australia on their leadership and school improvement
journey. Christopher has coached and presented extensive teacher and leadership professional learning programs ranging from teacher to executive leadership. He
has expertise in the areas of leading self, trust, change, emotional intelligence, professional conversations, culture, high performing teams and leading learning.

Over the past 8 years as the only accredited facilitator for Teach Like a Champion in Australia he has presented and coached thousands of participants on all elements of the Teach Like a Champion program. The overall evaluation score for these programs has been 4.76 out of 5. School and system leaders, along with teachers, consistently acknowledge the improvements they have seen from the implementation of Teach Like a Champion at their schools and in classrooms following the workshops.

He continues to execute his personal philosophy that:
“All children have the right to access a comprehensive and personally rewarding, quality education. All school communities have an obligation to ensure that each child receives the educational, emotional, physical and social experiences necessary to experience success.”

Event Details:

Date: Tuesday 26 March 2024
Time:  8.30am - 4.00pm
Venue:  Sydney Masonic Centre

Cost (incl. GST):
Individual: ACEL member $510 / Non-member $575
Group: ACEL member $470 / Non-member $535 - Please email events@acel.org.au for group bookings.

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