VIC Branch News: December 2023

By Annette Rome posted 05-12-2023 16:23


Global Citizenship


2023 was a year of global challenges. In schools, we considered the wellbeing of far-flung communities battered by wars and violence, as well as those closer to home. Members of our own communities, through connections with Ukraine or Russia, the Middle East or Indigenous tensions demand our care, attention and love. Outside COVID and the troubles in Afghanistan in 2022, I have never felt so challenged as a leader whose role, I believe, is to engender hope. Dominic Moisi writes in ‘The Geopolitics of Emotion’ that cultures are shaped by emotions. Fear and humiliation feed hatred in some parts of the world. In other parts of the world, hope is fostered.


How can schools work towards supporting their young people to promote hope? My PhD argued that globalisation is ubiquitous and permanent so how is it that we can guide the interactions of our young people to respond to the forces of globalisation with hope and love rather than fear and humiliation. 


Recognising that emotions are at the core of any such journey is the first step. We need to work with our emotions to best manage our lives. Managing our emotions so as to flourish rather than fizzle is a quality that we as educators need to foster, so that we can bring the young people in a care along with us.


I hope all in the ACEL community get a chance to reenergise and feed those positive emotions that engender hope and love over the break, ready to come back an continue the incredibly important work we have to do.


Next year will be a very exciting one for ACEL Victoria as we acknowledge excellence and provide food for the soul and the mind. We anticipate bringing you a range of exciting events that reflect current hot topics including working with Indigenous ways of knowing and being, developing truly effective learning communities, as well as responding to state and national developments in curricula, wellbeing and regulatory frameworks. We are always interested in what members feel they need, so please do not hesitate to reach out with ideas –


Congratulations to the recipients of the 2023 Victorian Annual Branch Awards:


The ACEL VIC Hedley Beare Educator of the Year Award
Coralee Pratt


The ACEL VIC Brian Caldwell Research Award
Jane Wilkinson


The ACEL Debbie Locco Leadership Award
Deborah Harman


The ACEL VIC Media Award
Oliver Lovell


ACEL VIC Fellowship Award

Anna Negro 
Anthony Raitman
Paul Staniscia 
Adrian Camm
Ross Philips
Loretta Wholley
Esme Capp
Chris Munro
Sue Buckley
Melissa Etherton


President’s Award


These awards will be celebrated at a ceremony in early 2024.

Have a great break everyone!

Warmest wishes from all on the ACEL Victoria Branch


Annette Rome 
ACEL VIC Branch President